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HY-Gen Complete PH Test Kit


HYGEN COMPLETE pH KIT is an easy and accurate way to keep track of the nutrient solution pH. The kit gives the added ability to adjust your pH using the pH UP and pH DOWN solutions provided. Adjusting the pH is quite easy and after some time and experience it becomes an art as you start to learn more about your plants and growing system.

The concentrated indicator solution allows you to obtain a reading by using just one drop in the test tube provided. The calibrated colour chart provided helps test your pH to within 0.5 of a pH unit. Testing and adjusting your nutrient solution regularly will ensure your plants are healthy and happy.

Testing and adjusting the nutrient solution pH is made easy with a HY-GEN Complete pH Kit. The kit comes supplied with a test tube, 1mL transfer pipette, 150mL pH Up, 150mL pH Down, colour chart and concentrated indicator solution. Testing only requires one drop of indicator.

  • Simple to Use
  • Accurate Colour Chart
  • Concentrated Indicator Solution
  • Only One Drop Required
  • pH Up and Down Solution
  • Multiple Tests
  • Transfer Pipette for Easy Use