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Jumbo Clone Tray


The Jumbo Clone Tray is designed to provide an optimal environment for plant cloning and propagation. This medium-strength tray offers a blend of durability and space, allowing you to accommodate and nurture a large number of plant cuttings in the 77 cube eazy plug tray for successful growth and development.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ample size: The Jumbo Clone Tray measures 530mm x 320mm x 50mm deep, providing generous space for an efficient plant propagation process.
  • Medium strength construction: This tray offers a balance between durability and flexibility, making it stronger than Medium Propagation trays but not as rigid as Large Propagation trays.
  • Perfect fit for eazy plug trays: Designed to accommodate the 77 cube eazy plug tray, it ensures the environment for root development is conducive and secure.
  • Suitable for various plant types: The tray can support the propagation of a wide range of flora, making it a versatile addition to both amateur and professional gardening setups.
  • Reusable design: Made from resilient materials, the Jumbo Clone Tray is designed for repeated use, helping reduce plastic waste in your garden.