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SHHB Crankshaft IPA - Cloned Extract

SHHB Crankshaft IPA - Cloned Extract

Morgan’s Frontier IPA
Morgan’s Master Malt Amber
200g Grain Shot Munich – Steeped

Hops steeped:
25g Centennial
25g Citra
25g Cascade
30g Simcoe – Steeped

Hops Dry Hopped – Day 3:
25g Centennial
25g Citra
25g Cascade
20g Mosaic

Morgan’s Premium Ale Yeast

Pour approx. 3L of Hot water into sanitised fermenter add the contents of the Morgan’s Frontier IPA and Morgan’s Master Malt Amber (once softened in warm water) stir vigorously the contents to dissolve and aerate. Add the liquid only from the steeped grain shot, then add all liquid and hops in tea bags from the steeped hop list. Add cold water to bring the contents up to 23 litres.

Seal the Fermenter with lid and airlock. Once wort has come down to temperature 20-24°C - take a sample and use a hydrometer to test your brew the gravity should be approx. 1054 (SG). You can now pitch the Morgan’s Prem. Ale Yeast, ensuring that the yeast covers the surface; note, that the yeast under the can lid is not required. Stir the brew for 30 seconds. Ferment at a constant temperature until the specific gravity reaches 1010 (FG) or below. Ideal fermentation temperature is between 15°C and 24°C (Fermentation may take 5 days or more)

On the 3rd day of fermentation open the fermenter lid and add all the hop pellets from the list for dry hopping. Leave them in the fermenter until fermentation is complete.

Bottle or Keg accordingly!