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Sourdough Bagels

Sourdough Bagels

Prep Time: 25 minutes                                                                 
Fermentation Time: 12 hours
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 13 hours
Servings: 8

Active Sourdough Starter
15g sourdough starter
50g bread flour
50g water

Bagel Dough:
100g active sourdough starter
255g water
40g honey
10g fine sea salt
500g bread flour

Optional Toppings:
Sesame Seeds
Salt Sprinkle on top, don't dip
Poppy Seeds
Shredded Cheese
Everything Bagel Seasoning

Water Bath:
1.5L water
15g granulated sugar

Feed your Sourdough Starter:
  1. 12 hours before you plan to mix the dough, add the ingredients to make 100g of active sourdough starter to a clean jar.
  2. Stir until combined, loosely cover the jar and let the starter rise at room temperature. (The ingredients will create a total of 115 g active starter but, because some of it will stick to the sides of the jar during the transfer, we are making a little more than needed.)
  3. The sourdough starter is ready to use when it has doubled in size and there are plenty of bubbles on the surface and sides of the jar.

 Make the Dough:

  1. In the bowl of a stand mixer, stir together the starter, water, honey, and salt with a spatula. 
  2. Add the bread flour and use your hands to bring the ingredients together as best as possible.
  3. The dough will be very stiff. 
  4. Place the dough hook on the mixer and mix the dough on the lowest speed for 6 - 7 minutes (or 10 minutes by hand).
  5. Cover the bowl and let rest at room temperature for 8 - 12 hours. (See notes for cinnamon raisin bagels)
  6. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 
  7. Turn the dough out onto a clean work surface and divide into 8 equal pieces.
  8. Shape each piece into a ball.
  9. To shape the bagel, place a dough ball on the surface in front of you and use your thumb to poke a hole straight down through the middle of the dough. Pick the bagel dough up, gently shape the ring and place on the parchment paper.
  10. Repeat with remaining dough balls. 
  11. Cover the dough with a towel and let rise for 30 - 60 minutes or until puffy.
  12. Preheat oven to 218°C (425°F) making sure that the oven rack in the centre position.
  13. Bring 1.5L of water to a boil in a large stockpot and add 1 tablespoon of sugar.
  14. Once the bagels have finished rising, boil them for 2 minutes on each side. (Only boil 3 - 4 at a time, making sure not to crowd the pot).
  15. Use a mesh strainer to remove the bagels and let rest on the parchment paper until cool enough to handle.
  16. Once cool enough, dip one side into your choice of toppings and place back onto the parchment paper.
  17. Bake the bagels at 425°F (218°C) for 25-28 minutes or until golden brown.


  • Cinnamon Raisin Bagels: Add 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon to the dry ingredients. After kneading the dough, add ¾ cups of raisins and knead them into the dough to distribute evenly.
  • How to measure flour without a scale: Use a spoon to scoop the flour into a measuring cup until it is heaped on top. Take a butterknife and level off the top. This should give you the most accurate measurement for flour.
  • Tips for baking in warm and/or high humidity areas:
    • Reduce the water by 50 grams in the initial mix and then slowly add the remaining water until you achieve the correct hydration level. You may need to bake the bagels a few minutes longer. This will take some trial and error!
  • To Store: Keep baked bagels covered, at room temperature for up to 1 week (storing in the fridge is not recommended).
  • To Freeze baked bagels:
    • Let the bagels cool completely. Wrap bagels individually in plastic wrap and place in a freezer-safe container for up to 3 months.
  • To Reheat: Allow the bagels to thaw on counter (if frozen). Cut in half and heat in toaster or toaster oven.
Everything Bagel Seasoning:
Stir all together and store in a sealed jar or container:
2T Poppy Seeds                                                
1T Sesame Seeds                                             
1T Black Sesame Seeds
1T + 1t Dried Mince Garlic
1T + 1t Dried Mince Onion
2t flaked or coarse Sea Salt