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Citric Acid


Citric Acid, is a versatile product & can be used in the followings areas Cooking Cleaning Cosmetics Making Mead Cleaning of Condensers 

Flossy Curing Salt ~ Salami & Meat Curing


This curing salt is ideal for the production of large salami and cured meats. This curing salt contains 1.25% of sodium nitrite. This is the minimum required dose and it will not compromise the quality, flavour, fragrance or appearance of your finished produce. This product will not only help to reduce the risk of bad bacteria forming in your salami...

Food Thermometer


Features:1.ON/OFF keys:switching2.°C / °F Key : the display mode,this button can be °C / °F conversion function3.HOLD key : temperature conditions in the display, press the LCD display can be maintained at HOLD state,then a measurement of the recovery temperature to detect when running HOLD function, LCD display HOLD meet4.MAX/MIN key to view the maximum / minimum



Made from polypropylene, these one piece pipettes are great for many applications. 0.5ml moulded graduations for easy use. Also a Glass version, with a Rubber Head  

Refractometer Sugar Measuring Reader Meter


Main Features: This refractometer is designed according to the principle that different concentrations liquid have different refractive index, with quick and accurate characteristics. Automatic temperate compensation, the temperature of the water sample will not influence the reading Aluminium construction, heavy-duty lightweight and small volume, convenient to carry Soft silicone handle provides good touching feeling High definition eyepiece gives you a broader...