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Hi Mountain Jerky Gun


This Hi Mountain Jerky Gun is perfect for making jerky at home. 

Make sausages, jerky or meat sticks with fresh mince meat using the easy to use and easy to clean Jerky/Link Master. You can use the Jerky master for not only Jerky but you can make Fruit strips for drying in a dehydrator or convert it for use as a sausage filler by changing the nozzle.

The Jerky/Link master gun comes with:

  • Jerky Gun
  • 2 x Nozzles for different Jerky shapes Flat and small round
  • 1 x Sausage nozzle

****PLEASE NOTE: This gun is made specifically for food processing and is manufactured with VERY STRONG food grade plastic and is designed for easy cleaning which is critical when processing meat products. It is not simply an industrial caulking gun, they are not suitable for processing food and are not easily cleaned.