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Novatwist Wine Bottle Closures


The Novatwist wine bottle closure is a smart, trendy and easy way to seal your wine bottles by hand. Fits the majority of standard screw top wine bottles. 

Home wine makers are taking advantage of the screw top wine bottles now abundant in the wine industry and these closures are an ideal hand applied option, eliminating the need for purchasing corking tools, corks  and capsules. 

  • The cap features an elegant design with the absence of visible threads

  • Opening and closing is done with ease and comfort

  • opening torques are consistent

  • The caps remain airtight and can be applied and reapplied repeatedly without loss of effectiveness

  • Novatwist enables a safe use (no cutting edges)

  • Bottles can be stored upright or lying down

  • original wine aromas are preserved

  • The novatwist cap is dent resistant if tapped or stacked

  • A range of colours available - standard stock line includes black , red, Burgundy,  gold, silver and green .

To apply simply push the novatwist capsule down by hand onto the bottle and then twist until the seal is firm.